About The Movie

Wind Jammers is a family comedy about a young, mixed race girl named Justice who moves to the Bahamas with her adoptive parents and experiences a completely new culture. The family joins the local sailing club and while there discovers some racial undercurrents. One influential and popular club member makes things difficult for the newly adjusting family.

Justice joins the sailing program and in the process makes new friends. She finds a passion for sailing and decides to compete in the National Regatta. A 1964 Olympic Sailing Champion is so impressed by Justice that he decides to coach her into becoming a first class sailor.

Tension mounts as the influential club member becomes worried that Justice will embarrass him and begins to try to get the family thrown off the island. Meanwhile, Justice meets a Bahamian boy and the two teach each other about their different cultures. In the end, Justice becomes an inspiration to everyone and they learn to rise above their petty differences.